An international Seminar (Online) on

"Religion, Extremism, and the Digital Age: Navigating Challenges and Solutions"

12-13 December, 2023

Rationale and Background

The rapid and transformative evolution of the internet and social media has profoundly reshaped the nature of human communication, information dissemination, and the manner in which individuals interact with and express their deeply held beliefs. Among the profound dimensions of human existence, religion has naturally made its way into the digital landscape, creating a dynamic and intricate interplay of religious ideas, beliefs, and practices within the virtual realm. This fusion of religion and the digital age has unveiled a panorama of unprecedented possibilities while simultaneously unearthing a host of novel and challenging issues.

In light of this intricate intersection between religion and the digital sphere, the online international seminar aspires to embark on a comprehensive exploration of this multifaceted nexus. At its core, the seminar aims to scrutinize the emergent phenomenon of religious extremism, which has witnessed a notable surge in the context of the digital age. By carefully examining the factors underpinning this phenomenon, the seminar endeavors to gain a profound understanding of its roots and manifestations in the virtual domain.

Furthermore, the seminar recognizes the pressing need to identify and advocate for potential solutions that foster an environment of tolerance, constructive dialogue, and enhanced mutual understanding. With an emphasis on inclusivity, the seminar seeks to draw upon the collective wisdom and expertise of scholars, researchers, intellectuals, and practitioners from diverse academic disciplines and professional backgrounds.

Through rigorous intellectual engagement and insightful discourse, the seminar aims to navigate the intricate challenges arising from the convergence of religion, extremism, and the digital age. By addressing these challenges with a global perspective, the seminar strives to offer innovative and pragmatic approaches that have the potential to facilitate constructive transformations, thereby promoting a more harmonious and cohesive coexistence in the digital era.

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